The original purpose of the USEWOD workshop series has been to create and maintain a forum for researchers to investigate the synergy between the Web of Data and Web usage mining. This involves the analysis of semantic data usage but also the exploitation of Semantic Web technologies to advance usage mining approaches in general.

It is noteworty that the USEWOD workshop has evolved from a single day event towards a reknowned entity hosting the reference data set for research on query logs of Linked Data endpoints. Research results based on this data set are published across the boundaries of the workshop, so that we are now facing a complex infrastructure, consisting of a central root research data set as well as various processed subsets of this data set and the resulting publications, which are distributed all across the Web in various formats. This is an interesting example of an emergent eScience infrastructure worthy of attention in its own right. 

The next edition of the USEWOD workshop will be held in conjunction with the WWW 2016 conference (April 11 to 15 2016).

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